About Us

“Its not about Employment, its about Employabilit”, words shared by my college dean had a profound impact on me over the years. Having

started working since the age of seventeen, I was exposed to the challenge people faced in being employable and keeping themselves relevant in either

their  respective organizations or as a Business Owner more so when technology is advancing so fast  and making job roles/ businesses redundant

globally. So the question always kept lingering in my mind as to how the critical situation of Employability could be resolved.


In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, where there is no certainty of Jobs, Organisations, Businesses etc., these words

assume more significance. ‘Relevancy‘ to me is a continuous process of acquiring the right skillsets.


Business Unplugged aims at developing Business Relevancy among individuals. We need to understand that at whatever level we are working in an

organization, we are contributing to the holistic objective of meeting the company business targets. Whoever you are in talks with i.e, your

interviewer/boss/investor etc. would like to understand how you may contribute to the Business practically and whether you have a detailed

understanding of the Business and the Industry.


But, maybe, the challenge is that you do not know what is required to be known, as either  the educational institutions have not imparted these practical

inputs / with passage of time being tied up with the functional challenges, the Business Skillsets have either got rubbed off or got irrelevant in today’s

Business Context.


Business Unplugged aims at bridging this gap by bringing up the practical Business Skillsets that would empower you with the confidence to handle any

Business situations (which you would definitely face on a daily basis either as an Employee / Business Owner) with ease.  Been  a Commercial Banker,

Management Consultant and Investment Banker, I have gathered the skillset that I believe would be of great help to you all. Besides that , being a CEO

Coach & Business Coach and Business Trainer, I am sharpening  my axe on a daily basis as I am committed to bring the best of Business Knowledge to

you all.


Business Unplugged aims at bridging the ever increasing gap of individual relevancy with organisational relevancy with a perspective to drive

employability, income and profit as they are two sides of the same coin.  Business Unplugged is committed to bring about all the practical Business

Skillsets that are required to be relevant at the workplace as a Knowledge Worker which had been severely lacking in our Educational Institutions or had

got outdated with the passage of time.