Customer Acquisition Process

Customer Acquisition Process is not a one time activity but is dynamic and shall evolve with the passage of time. What might be working initially might not be working later. Hence, it shall be developed into a process that would assist you to move forward.

So the question is : “Have you defined a process to acquire customers”?

When you first venture into customer acquisition, you probably start off by trying some random tactics which may not create a major impact. You cannot randomly try different tactics and expect success, you need to have a strategy behind them.

So a plan of attack need to be devised with an organized effort putting every bit of detail in a spreadsheet and tracking metrics. Only then you realize the need of a goal driven process. Once you understand that, it all starts to make sense.

Once you establish your goals, you create a process / system to work within, then you fill it with strategy / ideas to align with your goals, lastly, you break those down into specific tactics to execute, and not the other way round.

Tactics aren’t sustainable, their effects will always tail off. A process is sustainable and continuous – as long as you are committed to it.

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