My Book


We all who work in different fields of job and business are facing an increasing pressure of this VUCA(Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and it is getting to be a challenge to STAY RELEVANT.

Individuals are getting more confused as they are not aware of the REAL & PRACTICAL ways of facing business challenges as that has been the privilege of a selected few who had the good luck of studying and working in the best of universities and organizations.

But there are many who are not aware of where to focus or what to do in their job/Business in order to give their best performances inspite of all their intent.

STAY RELEVANT aims at providing a direction in the form of a blueprint to ensure that ASPIRING & PRESENT

BUSINESS OWNERS are aware of the set of things in order to generate employability, income and profit.

It also acts as a guide for JOBSEEKERS to align with the characteristics that would increase their probability of success manifold in their job search endeavour.